Paul Pogba: Man Utd need to 'change something' after loss to Leicester

United's league record of 29 games unbeaten has been ended by this defeat
After being defeated 4-2 by Leicester in their second Premier League game, Paul Pogba said Manchester United must "change something".

United has taken just one point from a possible nine and dropped to fifth in the title race.

This season, there were also some unconvincing performances.

"We've been playing these kinds of games for years and we haven’t encountered any problems." "We have conceded easy goals and stupid goals," Pogba said to Sky Sports.

These are the games that we must win if we want to win title.

"We knew that the fans would push and put pressure upon us, so we need to be mature and play with more experience and arrogance. We must take the ball and play our football.

"We have to find the key to this change, because we deserve to lose. It could be the mindset of the players. We must change something. It is important to change the mindset and strategies that allow us to win. This can only be done if we look at ourselves as individuals and together as a team.

United's latest defeat ended an unbeaten away league record that spanned 29 games and 20 month.

The game featured all too familiar themes for their fans, with the team failing control the pace of the game in central park and conceding to terrible defensive lapses.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United manager, said that "we more or less gifted them an equaliser."

"The second was a set play which was disappointing. You get the equaliser, and then you concede again after 10 seconds. Concentration in large moments is key to this game.

After Harry Maguire was caught out, Leicester scored their first goal with a free kick on the edge of their penalty box.

Two goals were also scored by the visitors from set-pieces. Leicester's third goal, 54 seconds after Marcus Rashford equalised, was scored when Aaron Wan Bissaka's poor positioning was finally exploited and Jamie Vardy became the beneficiary.

After Leicester's defeat, something has to give - Solskjaer

"The performance was not adequate with and without the ball. Solskjaer said that they had enjoyed a great time examining what went wrong recently during the international break.

"We've lost too many points in games, so it is time to examine the entire team and the balance, and see if there is something we can do.

You have to fight for every point in the Premier League. You must win second balls, tackle, block and win headers. Unfortunately, in key moments of today's game, we didn't defend or attack well enough.

"Every game here is a test in character. It is a test of character for staff, players, and everyone else. We must stick together and fight every Wednesday night, especially now.

United will face Atalanta in Wednesday's Champions League, and Liverpool at Old Trafford on Saturday.

The United manager said, "It speaks volumes about David [De Gea], but we conceded four goals."

"We have to get up and dust ourselves off so that they come back with that fresh mind. They look in the mirror and I've seen myself in it, and then we can perform again."