Gotham Knights Footage Teases a Batfamily Brawl

Gotham City's next video game is missing its hero at the worst possible time. It's probably best Bruce Wayne left behind some trusted friends because they will need each other in order to face a familiar threat from DC Comics.


Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio behind Arkham Origins, revealed the game at last year's DC Fandome. This year, they returned to provide an update on what we can expect from Gotham Knights. Players will be able to choose between four members of the Batfamily. Knights, although not directly related to the Arkham games, is set shortly after Batman's apparent death. This blast also destroyed his Batcave. The task of defending Gotham after Bruce's apparent death is daunting for Dick Graysons Nightwing and Barbara Gordons Batgirl, Tim Drakes Robin and Jason Todds Red Hood. It is a good thing you have four heroes.

The new trailer shows that Jason, Babs and Tim will face many villains. From members of Batmans Rogues Gallery trying to profit from the Dark Knights' death (like the Penguin in the trailer) to a new, sinister threat: the Court of Owls. This villainous cult was rumored to be a part of the next Arkham Knights game long before Gotham Knights were officially revealed. The Court was introduced by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and is made up of members of some of Gotham's oldest families. They operate below the city's surface, wearing white owl masks. They use their influence and money to control Gotham and formed an army called Talons to fight Batman. We also get to see a lot of the characters we get to see. The Bat families are going to have a lot of fun stepping up. Below, you can see more action from the Talons.

Gotham Knights will be released in 2022.

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