'The Batman' unleashes a villainous new trailer with 100% more Catwoman

It has been almost a year since The Batman was last seen at Warner Bros. 2020 edition DC FanDome. It's time to get a new FanDome, and a trailer. And honestly, not much has changed.
It's still dark and moody for two-and-a half minutes, set to a appropriately moody remix of Nirvana’s classic Nevermind track, "Something in the Way She Moves". It's still largely about Robert Pattinson's rough-and-tumble portrayal of the DC Comics crimefighter.

What's the difference between 2021 and 2022? There are more villains. Although you won't see Paul Dano's face in this trailer, you will get a better idea of how the menacing Riddler fits into the story if you watch both trailers together. It's likely that you won't recognize Colin Farrell, the actor he transformed for this role. But that's him as Penguin. We also see him more here.

Zo Kravitz is the biggest beneficiary of this trailer. Although we don't get to see Zo Kravitz in her Catwoman costume, there is plenty of Selina Kyle doing tricks and seducing the Bat. The most important thing this trailer does, however, is put all the major pieces in place ahead of the sooner-than-you-think release.

How soon? When will the Batman arrive in theaters?

Although you won't see Zo Kravitz in her suit here, it is clear that she is hitting all the right chords as Selina Kyle. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

"I'm vengeance." Robert Pattinson's bulletproof Batsuit can be seen here. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures