Peacemaker's First Trailer is Superhero Patriotism at Its Dumbest

Director and writer James Gunn hopes that you will love Peacemaker as much as John Cenas, the comically stupid killer of The Suicide Squad. He'll be following him through eight episodes in a spinoff series for HBO Max. The first trailer for Peacemaker is available from DC Fandome. Gunn appears to have another winner, provided that you can dance along with Cenas' madness.


The Suicide Squad movie's events are retold in the series, which sees Peacemaker being conscripted to the army by ChukwudiIwujis Munn to kill people and avoid going back to prison. He was basically doing the same thing as Amanda Waller, but much more daring, and he and Vigilante (Freddie Stroma), were practicing their weapons skills, shooting guns between their legs at toys and household appliances.

Peacemaker will save the world with the help of Economos and Harcourt (Steve Agee), as well as Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), but it will be in his own funny way. The show, like Gunns Guardians of the Galaxy, will explore the mind of the big misfit. This is mainly because Robert Patrick plays Auggie Smith, and it will also open up childhood wounds. You don't become a superhero if you can't get emotional closure from your father. This trailer is both silly and stupid in a good way. Cenas has great comedy chops and this trailer seems very much like something Gunn would do with some Warner Bros. cash. Vigilante gives some helpful advice on the various types of killers, and there's even a bit of Deadpool energy.

John Cena is also hugged by an Eagle. It's charming enough that it is stupid. Peacemaker will be featured on HBO Max in January 2013.

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