Superman's No Longer Fighting For 'The American Way'

Clark Kent, a comic book legend, has been fighting for Truth, Justice, the American Way for more than 70 years. His career spans more than seventy years. Although he has sometimes strayed from the cause at times, the origins of it were a bit different, Superman now has a new responsibility.


At DC Fandome, Jim Lee, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, and Publisher, announced that Superman will now unite himself under a modified catchphrase. He will fight for truth, justice, and now for a better future instead of just the ideals of his adopted home country.

Clark's attempt to address his status as an American symbol is not the first. That's how the catchphrase was born: in 1942, when Superman first made the jump to radio in Adventures of Superman and America entered the second World War. The catchphrase that we all know was first used in 1942. The radio serial dropped The American Way in 1952, but the 1952 television show with the same name picked it up again. The catchphrase was popularized in the culture through comics and TV adaptations of Man of Steel. However, it wasn't always the American Way that made it into the conversation about Truth and Justice.

Superman has dealt with social justice and politically charged subjects from his inception. However, his desire to be seen as an American figurehead is relatively recent, even though Truth, Justice, the American Way and Truth, Justice have been around for a while. Clark, who had been involved in protests in Tehran in 2011, renounced his U.S. citizenship just a year after a storyline in which he walked across America to better understand the people he was fighting to protect. DC's stance against the old phrasing is a reminder to the rest of the world that Superman still protects the whole of the Earth, even though he's not there right now and has to leave his duties to Jon.

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