After a near-record run at the top of Netflix's US Top 10 list, a new show has bumped the pop culture smash 'Squid Game'

"Squid Game," which was last seen on Netflix Saturday, fell to second as "You", the third season of Netflix's original series, took the top spot.
Netflix's top-rated show worldwide was the Korean drama about strangers playing deadly children's games.

Five days were lost to the show's record for the longest time a show has remained at number one on Netflix USA.

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Like the famous Korean death match, only one show can be ranked on Netflix's US Top 10 List.

Although "Squid Game", which remained at number one for several weeks, was replaced by "You," a popular Netflix thriller series that just released its third season.

The South Korean drama about a group that competes in deadly and twisted children's games for large cash prizes, spent 24 days at the top of the streaming service in the US. It was not the longest-reigning streaming program, Ginny & Georgia, which remained at the top for 29 days earlier in the year. However, "Squid Game", which is not an English-language program, holds the record.

After its premiere on Friday, Netflix's "You", which is now in its third series, centers on a murderous family raising a child in the suburbs, clinched the top spot.

After its September premiere, "Squid Game" became Netflix's most-watched show with 111 million viewers. It became a worldwide phenomenon that spawned viral memes, thousands upon thousands of prank call, pop-up shops, and even talk of creating a real-life version.

According to the latest numbers, the show is still at the top in Netflix's Top 10 in nearly 50 countries. This includes the United States, France, Russia and Hong Kong. The show lost its number 1 spot in South Korea to "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha", a Korean counterpart.

"Squid Game," still the number one streaming service worldwide, is at 24 days. This is behind "Queen's Gambit," the pandemic hit Netflix has set the record for with 46 days.

This show's strong performance is a sign of promise for the streamer’s investment strategy. It has been based on the success of shows such as "Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)," and "Lupin", which was a French drama.

While fans speculate about the possibility of a second season of "Squid Game", it is not yet confirmed.