How to invest? Tips to build your first portfolio

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You've already sorted your finances and have a capital reserve and an emergency fund. You want to increase your wealth by investing. But how do you start your first investment portfolio.

Experts Lev Alvarado of Suicidando al Godnez, and Liliana Olivares of the YouTube finance channel Adulting shared some tips on how to choose your first assets during their participation in Money Fest 2021.

What is my profile as an investor?

Before you inject your money, it is important to determine your investor profile.

Olivares stated that it has less to do with finances and more to do with self-knowledge. It is your personality and how you view risk.

Expert says it's about asking "What do you want to accomplish with your money?"

What's the purpose of knowing my investor profile information?

Get help for:

Make custom strategies

Make informed decisions

How to choose the best investments

Decide the level of risk that you will take

Effectively reach your goals

Olivares explained that the investor profile requires you to have some knowledge of the tools available, but also to be able to select the right ones for you based on your personality.

How do I determine my investor profile?

Answer honestly

What age are you?

You have stability in your career and work

Marital status

Financial stability and habits

You have financial knowledge and experience

Goals - term and amount (You must begin your first investment with the goal).

The expert said that if you want to invest but have a bad credit record or are in dire need of money, you will be able to choose the right platform for you.

You must first invest your time to become rich. Netflix watching Billions is not enough.

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Types of investor profiles

It's the degree of risk aversion. It can vary by person or goal.


Liliana says that "He's the one saying 'I don’t want to lose you'." "This profile wants its money to grow because it doesn't have exceptional returns."

You don't like risk

Low risk and low returns

Ideal for short-term goals

You prefer safe money and little profit

Objective: Keep your money, but not lose value

You can keep your money safe and not lose value with these investment tools: Fixed income and debt.


The expert said that it is the most popular because it seeks returns but not bankrupting it. This profile is very popular with millennials, as they are able to experiment.

You can get returns with little risk

Ideal for medium-term goals (3 to 5 years).

Balance between returns and risk

Goal: To increase your savings over time

You can increase your savings over time. Ideal investment instruments: Fixed, variable and debt instruments


It is for someone who can handle danger well, who can take bad news well, and who knows how to celebrate positive news.

You are the one who takes on risk

Ideal for long-term goals

Liquidity of money is not required

Objective: To increase equity without regard to risk

Increase equity without risk. Ideal investment tools: Variable and mixed portfolios, debt instruments

Do you know who your investment protection is?

Levi Alvarado discussed the financial companies authorized to handle money during his participation. The expert said that regulation is knowing who to accuse them.

The Mexican financial system, which is all that money is managed in Mexico, is what you need to understand. Alvarado recommends that you only invest in instruments made by companies that will not disappear.

Finance and Public Credit (SHCP: This is the head that determines the financial position of the country.

This is the head who decides how the country's financial system will function. The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), is the body that authorizes banks and brokerage houses to operate. In Mexico, it is prohibited to gamble without authorization from the commission

It authorizes banks and brokerage houses to operate. In Mexico, it is illegal to gamble without authorization from the National Insurance and Bond Commission (CNSF). Mexico is the only country where you can purchase insurance through an authorized agent.

Mexico's CNSF has authorized agents to sell insurance in Mexico. National Commission of the Retirement Savings System, (Consar),: This is the one responsible for regulating the Afores as well as everything related to retirement savings.

This is the one that regulates all things related to retirement money. National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, Condusef: This is the PROFECO of all financial service, including banking and stock market.

It is the PROFECO of all financial service, including banking and stock market. The Institute for the Protection of Savings in a Bank(IPAB) protects you for up 400 000 UDIs if you have any savings in a bank. It is important to diversify.

The IPAB covers you up to 400 000 UDIs if you have money in a bank. It is important to diversify. System of the Registry of Financial Service Providers: This system allows you to see which financial companies "have done their job" or are already regulated.

Alvarado stressed that it is not about being against unregulated businesses, but rather, it is about taking a strong risk and knowing that no one will protect you.

Products to invest

There is no one perfect financial instrument. Levi Alvarado stated that each one offers different benefits and can be used at different times.


Low risk but high return


It is possible to invest as low as 100 pesos

Ideal for short-term goals

Instrument of Debt

Terms available from 28 to 364 Days

You can make arrangements for your money in advance

You can order them online

There are no penalties or commissions


These bonds are issued by the government to allow you to lend them money.

Low risk but high return


It is possible to invest as low as 100 pesos

Ideal for short-term goals

Instrument of Debt

They pay interest every six months at a fixed rate from the date you bought the bond.

You can make arrangements for your money in advance

You can order them online

There are no penalties or commissions


It is a very flat savings instrument

Low risk

Fixed and term rates

They are available at any bank. However, the higher the bank is, the lower its interest rate will be.

At least try to give you more than inflation.

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Popular Financial Societies (SOFIPOS) are institutions that are more like banks. They are a type of debt instrument and will owe money to you.

Instrument of Debt

Protected by PROSOFIPO (up to 160 KG).

Taxes exempted up to 158K or 5 UMAS

Moderate risk

Examples: Finsos, Kubo Financiero,


No matter how educated you are, you will eventually need to learn how to invest. You will need to consult a financial professional.


Tax strategy (be cautious, not evasion).

Carry your numbers

Avoid problems later

Wealth Manager

The best way to manage your cash

Specialized Team

Strategie according to your investor profile

Companies such as Vector, Actinver, and GBM.

Financial advisors

Help you define your investor profile

Provide guidance and investment options

Agent for insurance

Mexico has a strict policy that insurance can only be purchased through an agent

It will assist you in aligning your financial strategy

Projects for the long-term


You can make them as simple or as complex as you like.

Expert manages a bag of many people

It's easy to diversify and gain access to more sophisticated instruments for less money

There are many risks, terms and amounts.

They can also invest in stocks, fibres, or other funds.

They take a commission

You can choose the one that best suits your needs, risk tolerance and financial resources.


Temporary Last 12 Months Very Cheap Not Recoverable

Dotals Fixed time Money is paid at the end the term. Guaranteed performance

Universal Preset minimum time Variable returns Flexible

Which is better? None. Levi explained that it all depends on what your financial goals are and the strategy you use.


These are the people who manage Retirement Funds. You can withdraw this money when you turn 65.

Companies that manage the money we save to retire.

CONSAR regulates

The money can be invested in a variety of funds: fixed and variable income funds; fibers; etc.

Choose the one that offers the greatest net return.


You can save for retirement by adding to your savings with a bank, financial institution or other institution.


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