Tucker Carlson Offers Most Insincere Response To Pete Buttigieg Attack Backlash

Fox News Tucker Carlson offered a fake apology to Fox News after he was attacked for making offensive remarks about Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg's paternity leave.
On Thursday, Carlson mocked Buttigieg's decision to take paid leave in order to spend more time with Chasten and their twins. After adopting a child, Pete Buttigieg has been taking leave from his job for the past eight months. They call it paternity leave. It is meant to help with breastfeeding. He sniped, but no word on the outcome.

Buttigieg retorted, saying that he doesn't even understand the concept behind bottle feeding or paternity leave.

Carlson replied on Friday with a snarky correction

We made a joke about Pete Buttigieg last night, but he corrected us this morning. Buttigieg, despite his appearance of dwarfish fraud, isn't a mediocre fool whose inexplicable mediocrity condemns the class that made him. It's not so.

Pete Buttigieg was once mayor of South Bend in Indiana. As such, the Biden administration has given us strict instructions to take Pete Buttigieg seriously going forward. We will, of course. Our mistake.

This article was originally published on HuffPost. It has since been updated.