Extreme misogynist incels are pledging support for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's missing boyfriend and person of interest in her murder

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. Police Department North Port
FBI is currently searching for Brian Laundrie (boyfriend of Gabby Petito) and person of interest in her murder.

Extreme online subcultures support Laundrie while speaking negatively about Petito.

These posts offer an insider's view into the "manosphere", a misogynistic section of the internet that is explicitly antifeminist.

The FBI continues to pursue Gabby Peitio’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie. He returned home to North Port, Florida on September 1 but left ten days later.

Connor Perrett and Rebecca Cohen, insider reporters, have given a detailed timeline of events. They describe Petito's relationship with Laundrie and how he became a person of concern in her homicide. A coroner confirmed Tuesday that she was strangled in Wyoming's Bridger-Teton National Forest.

In late August, her Long Island family lost contact with her while she was traveling West with Laundrie on the "vanlife" road trip.

The complicated relationship between the young couple - which has been rife with abuse reports from both sides - has heated up social media conversations.

Laundrie is supported by a few groups. Corners of Manosphere - an online subculture dedicated men's rights, misogyny and gender equality - is looking for people to stand up for him.

Many posts on the FriendsOfBrian subreddit are advocating for Brian Laundrie. It was created to make satirical jokes about "support" for Brian Laundrie. One follower wrote: "The funny part is that if you reverse the genders in this instance then everyone would be defending Gabby because he acted in self defense from an abusive boyfriend.

She would not be sent to jail, and she would be asked to speak at DV abuse conferences on "how to fight against your abuser."

The poster depicts women as "bloodthirsty and vengeful Feminist SIMP mobs self-entitled Narcissistic KareNS."

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Commentators were able to make inappropriate, intimate comments about the young lady after watching the police bodycam footage.

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Some call those who advocate for Petito's death or express sadness over it "angry foemcels".

They call 22-year old women "harlots" and have given Petito the cruel nickname of "Flabs".

One user wrote, "Glad he took care that abuser."

What do we know about manosphere?

These posts provide an overview of the manosphere, a network of forums and websites that promote male supremacy through misogynistic content.

Southern Poverty Law Center described it as "an underworld of misogynists and woman-haters, whose fury extends well beyond criticisms of the family court systems and false rape allegations... [who] are devoted to attacking virtually every woman (or at least Westernized).

Laura Bates, author and founder of Everyday Sexism Project writes that it's easy to assume virtual hostility is kept in check within the confines the internet.

"The offline effect of the killers who took incel beliefs to heart and experienced radicalization online and put their ideas into action using real bullets or blades is the devastating proof that such an assumption could not be further from reality." Laura Bates, Men who Hate Women

Jake Davison, a shooter who shot five people in Plymouth, South England, and Elliot Roger in Santa Barbara, California in 2014 are both accused of being inspired by the manosphere.

Roger published a video and a written manifesto before he began his murder spree. He said that women have never been attracted towards him. I don't understand why you girls aren’t attracted to my, but I will punish all of you for it."

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