Adam Schiff says appointing Kevin McCarthy to the House speaker role would be like appointing Donald Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D. CA) speaks at a news conference held September 21, 2021. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Adam Schiff warns against Kevin McCarthy being appointed House Speaker.

McCarthy could be the next Speaker of Congress if Republicans win back Congress in 2014.

Schiff stated, "If Kevin McCarthy were to ever become speaker, essentially Donald Trump will be speaker."

Rep. Adam Schiff has spoken out against Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader, becoming House Speaker.

McCarthy could succeed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if Republicans win control of Congress in next year's midterm elections.

According to Schiff, "If Kevin McCarthy were to ever become speaker, essentially Donald Trump will be speaker."

Schiff isn't the only one to criticize McCarthy, a Republican who represents California's 23rd congressional district.

He blasted Republican lawmakers including McCarthy for grabbing and amplifying misinformation about Trump's 2020 election in a Tuesday interview on CNN. He also criticised Republican lawmakers who challenged the results of January 6's election.

"What bothered me most about that day was these insurrectionists dressed in suits and ties who, even after that bloody insurrection and the death of that date, were still on the House floor trying overturn the election," Schiff said to CNN's John Berman.

He said, "Unlike the people who climbed outside the building, they knew that it was a fabrication." "The true believers were out attacking the building. My Republican colleagues inside the chamber know that it's a big lie.

Trump and his GOP allies had been pushing a baseless argument for months following the November 2020 election that claimed the results were rigged due to widespread voter fraud. Multiple times, federal and state officials have refuted the claims.

Nearly 150 Republican lawmakers, including McCarthy voted against President Joe Biden's January certification. This prompted a backlash from Democrats and large corporations.

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Schiff continued to voice out against Trump even after the former president resigned in January.

Insider reported earlier this week that Russian President Vladimir Putin had "very easily figured how to play Trump like an instrument."

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