Turn Your Smart Home Into a Haunted House With Spooky Tech

Halloween season is upon us. You're ready to decorate your home and make it a haunted, seasonal wonderland. You can create a dark atmosphere by adding gravestones, skeletons, and large spiders to your basement and attic. If you want to make Halloween more fun, add lighting, sounds and eerie projections.
We will show you how tech gadgets can bring more thrills and chills. After trick-or-treating is over, you can relax with horror movies, scary video games, and spooky board game.

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Fright lights

Photograph: Simon Hill

It can create tension and mystery in horror movies and the right lighting can do that for Halloween decorations. A simple card cutout can be transformed into a shadowy silhouette by a spotlight or flashlight. To add to the creepy effect, you can place lights at the base your most impressive decorations.

Smart light bulbs can be dimmed and changed to different colors. You should also make sure to check your app. People who have smart light strips, bulbs or Flow Pro light bars by Govee need to be aware of seasonal effects over the next few weeks. If you own Philips Hue lights there is a Halloween scene that will turn your lights purple-green and orange. You could also use the Blood Moon preset scene.

The HueDynamic app for iOS and Android will give you truly frightening lighting effects. You can create animated experiences that mimic events such as stormy lightning or candlelight. You can also choose from Halloween effects such as spooky atmospheres and undead pulses.