Man Utd defend decision to fly 100 miles to Leicester for Premier League game

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Manchester United officials claim that the team's travel plans were changed by "circumstances".

Manchester United has defended their decision not to fly the 100-mile trip to Leicester for their Premier League match at Leicester.

United states claim they wouldn't normally fly to the game, but plans were changed due to "circumstances". Reports of congestion on the M6 were reported.

Global warming is caused by flying. World leaders will meet later in the month to discuss how to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Manchester United has defended its commitment towards clean energy.

Campaigners and climate experts agree that flying is a major cause of global warming. They say it's important to reduce or avoid flying. Scientists warn that this warming could cause a catastrophe on the planet.

According to Carbon Brief, external link, aviation contributes only 3.5% of global carbon emissions. However, only a small fraction of the world flies often, so those who fly frequently are more responsible.

As shown in the graphic below, domestic flights are the most energy-efficient way of traveling. France has banned domestic short-haul flights.

United announced in July a partnership agreement with the Renewable Energy Group.

The club stated that it was trying to raise awareness about how people can help create a cleaner and more sustainable future for the planet.

United responded to BBC questions about travel plans by saying that they:

Make it a policy to buy certified green electricity for all club facilities and buildings.

In 2020, we achieved the Carbon Trust Standard certification for the sixth consecutive year.

Through the Manchester United Energy & Carbon Reduction Programme, 12 years consecutively achieved energy and carbon reductions.

Since 2008, we have reduced our annual carbon emissions by more than 2,700 tonnes.