Tinder Launches Plus One, an Option to Find Wedding Dates

Let me start by saying that Tinder is not something I dislike. It has been a great way to meet singles in my local area, and I even had a pleasant date with one of the users. It's your typical dating app thing. People are using Tinder to find a bride date. It's a mystery to me why.

Tinder announced Thursday that it would be launching a new option called Plus One. This allows users to indicate whether they are looking for a wedding date, or if they are willing to be someone else's date. Plus One will be part of Tinders Explore Hub, a newly launched feature that allows users to participate in social experiences and find potential matches based upon every mood and activity.

Tinder claims that Plus One will launch just in time for the next wedding boom. They cite the cancellations and postponements caused by the pandemic.

The company released a press release stating that after a year and half of delayed ceremonies and celebrations, one the busiest seasons in wedding history is upon us. The company added that the impending uptick seemed to be felt already by unattached guests, with mentions in Tinder bios of plus one increasing by 45% since the start of the year.

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I can understand Tinder's description of Tinder because I am at the age when many college friends are getting married. It can be very attractive to see your friends celebrating their love. There is a big difference between going out on a date and inviting someone to a wedding.

The cost. Weddings can be expensive for all involved. Are you looking for someone to help you? Will they be willing to pay for all the costs involved in preparing for the big day. After my best friend's wedding last month, my wallet is still bleeding. I went solo.


Tinder is aware of this and has partnered with WeddingWire to offer grants of $460 to the 100 first sign-ups for Plus One. This is an average guest's cost to attend a wedding. It's a good thing, but it still hurts for those who don't receive a grant.

Second, wouldn't it be awkward for your Tinder partner and one to attend an event where you are the only person they know? I would feel immense pressure to entertain my date the whole night, and it would make me miserable to be with my friends and the couple.


Have you ever thought about the reaction of the married couple to you inviting a stranger to their wedding? After all, the couple will have to cover food and accommodation for your Tinder plus one. Given that most of my friends have student loans and have smaller weddings, I wouldn't want to say "Oh hey, can I please pay for someone you don't know at all" just to say that I have a date.

We are referring to this topic. Why is it important to invite a friend to your wedding? This was something I believed because it didn't make people think I couldn't get a date. As I grew older, I realized that life is too short for worrying about what others think of you. It's not your wedding. This big day is for you.


What do I know? I'm not one of those people who adds plus one to their Tinder bio description. I don't judge, it's your life. It is not difficult to bring a date to a costly event such as a wedding, especially if you have just met.