Bill Clinton Will Stay Hospitalized Overnight — But Health ‘Trending In The Right Direction’

His spokesperson stated that Bill Clinton's health is improving three days after being admitted to a California hospital for an infection. However, he will be staying in the hospital overnight to get antibiotics.

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative Winter Meeting, February 4, 2016,... [+] 2016, New York City. Getty Images

The Key Facts

Angel Urea, spokesperson for Clinton, tweeted Friday evening that Clinton's white blood cell count has declined significantly. This is because it can spike during an infection. The former president of the United States, 75 years old, will remain in hospital for another night to receive IV antibiotics. His doctors announced this Thursday evening.

Important Quote

Urea wrote that President Clinton is still in a good mood and is grateful for the extraordinary care he receives and the well wishes he has received from people all over the United States and around the globe.

Important Background

Clinton was admitted to University of California Irvine Medical Center, southern California, on Tuesday for what Urea called a non-Covid related infection. His doctors stated that he had responded well to intravenous antibiotics and that they expect him to return home soon.


Joe Biden stated earlier Friday that he had exchanged telephone calls with Clinton. The president stated that he seems to be doing well, according to a speech made in Connecticut.