Anchor ends local skatepark piece by shredding into the sunset

A new skatepark in Detroit is almost complete, and Mr. Premium offers free lessons in skateboarding to children living nearby. It's pretty amazing, right? It's so refreshing to hear that in the midst of all the chaos. It's nice to be able to take a break from all the chaos. Please, please, watch the below dispatch until the end (around the 2:20 mark).
Victor Williams, it's a sure bet. It. It.

Were we ever wrong to steer you? If we are being honest, there is a need for more journalists like Mr. Williams. We also need people who will embed themselves in stories in order to uncover the harsh truths of the world. Don't be foolhardy. We want more news anchors that can shred.


A new skatepark in Detroit is offering free lessons. Williams tweeted, "Obviously I had to show them something on @Local4N," yesterday evening. He also included a short clip of his skate demonstration and added, "In all seriousness, as a child I would have given my life for a skatepark and mentors in skateboarding." It's great to see it happening in Detroit.

We expect a flood of skate trolls to take over the clip in its comments section. They claim Williams isn't really doing anything complex. To which we respond: Shut up, jerks. Try it in Detroit. You accomplish this feat while riding around a skatepark full of novices. Premium

Which do you prefer, Flourb0y and/or a human news anchor, on a skateboard? Or our future, disquieting robot overlords, That's what we thought.

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