George Takei Roasts “Star Trek” Costar William Shatner After Rocket Trip

"He boldly goes where no one else has gone before."
Guinea Pig

George Takei, the actor who played Hikaru in Star Trek's hit TV series, was not impressed by his costars' trip to space this week.

Takei explained to tabloid Page Six that a 90-year-old will show more about the wear and tear of the human body. He is boldly going to places no one has gone before.

On Wednesday, Shatner flew through the upper atmosphere aboard Blue Origins New Shepard spacecraft. He experienced several minutes of weightlessness and he spent the time staring out of one the capsules windows rather than doing somersaults.

It's an odd lashing out. Takei seems more concerned about Shatners age than Takei, calling him a "guineapig" being used to study the effects of microgravity on older people.



Years of bickering

It's not surprising that the Star Trek stars have had a little bit of a row and aren't on the best terms.

Takeis 1994 biography says that Shatner ignored him while filming Star Trek. He also allegedly altered the script so that Hikaru Sulu wouldn't be able to command a spaceship.

Shatner, who was defending himself this week, said that there is a psychosis. There must be another part of George that is wilting and he takes it out upon me.

I don't understand why he would go to such lengths to make me feel bad. He added that it was sad and I felt nothing but pity for his actions.



The drama that Shatner's rocket trip brought was not without its moments. Blue Origin cofounder Jeff Bezos interrupted Shatner shortly after Wednesday's landing to give him champagne.

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