Halloween pet costumes at Walmart

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Halloween is fast approaching and we are officially in the midst of spooky season. The question is: Do you know what costume your four-legged friend will wear for Halloween? Walmart offers a wide range of costumes that will suit your pet, whether you want them to participate in the family costume theme or be the star of the show. There are many options. You can have a dragon trick or treat with your kids, or you can be a superhero who saves the day at Halloween, or you can make the internet frightened by a horror movie star.

Walmart offers a wide range of costumes that are cute, funny, classic or inspired by pop culture. You can even have a whole house of cats and kittens! Walmart has a wide selection of costumes for all sizes of pets, including man's best friend.

Credit: Star Wars

You won't regret getting your cat to wear this Princess Leia costume. If you don't find the buns sticking out of the sides and ears sticking out the top makes you laugh, there is no hope for your senses of humor.

Credit: California Costumes

This hilarious and funny pupenstein costume will make sure everyone understands the assignment.

Credit: California Costumes Collections

This Audrey tribute is perfect for small dogs and cats. It can also be used to show your appreciation for someone who is more refined.


This bearded man with an axe running towards the camera is hilarious if you're looking for social media laughs for Halloween. You are welcome.