Doctors Say CBD Oil Shrank a Patient’s Tumor

Image by Getty/Futurism Cancer
A U.K. doctor reports on an interesting case where an octogenarian woman who smoked a pack per week for lung cancer treatment refused treatment. However, the tumor shrankanyway.

According to a paper published in BMJ Case Reports, Thursday, the doctors believe that the woman's self-administration of CBD oil is the key to her recovery. Although there are many reasons to doubt their conclusion, it does suggest that CBD oil may not be just a snake oil and could have un-understood medical advantages.

After watching her husband suffer from side effects of radiotherapy, the woman decided to decline treatment. According to the case study, she instead took 0.5mL CBD oil three times per day, sometimes twice, at the suggestion of a relative. Her tumor shrinkage of 76 percent occurred between June 2018, when she was diagnosed, and February 2021 when she began CBD oil. This is a remarkable, but still baffling, improvement in her condition.

The doctors were able to obtain information about the THC, CBD and THCA contents of the oil. However, they stated that they had no idea how these ingredients could help fight lung cancer. However, correlation does not necessarily mean causation.



They wrote that they were unable to confirm or provide any information about the CBD oil the patient was using.

It is also impossible to draw any conclusions based only on anecdotal reports from one patient about CBD.

The doctors stated that although there is a correlation between CBD oil intake and tumor regression observed, they are unable confirm that this tumor regression was due to CBD oil.

Any CBD cancer treatment would have to be proven through large-scale, robust clinical trials. The doctors did however find it interesting that the patients had reported such a trial.



The researchers concluded that more research is required to determine the exact mechanism of action, safe dosages, administration routes, safety doses, and effects on various types of cancer. They also need to investigate any possible adverse side effects of cannabinoids.

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