Italy’s ITA Airways Reveals Bold (And Strange) Livery

It's a significant day for Italian aviation. Today, ITA Airways launched, replacing Alitalia as Italy's national airline. Although we have been slowly learning details about the new airline, including its fleet plans, there are still some updates.
ITA Airways unveils its livery

ITA Airways' new livery has been revealed, although no planes have yet been fully painted in the livery. The tail of the plane has the colors of the Italian flag (green-white-red), while the rest of it is blue.

ITA Airways livery rendering of an Airbus A330

This new livery is a cross between Alitalia Airlines and Breeze Airways.

Alitalias livery

Breeze Airways livery

I think ITA Airways deserves to be commended for choosing a different boring white livery than almost every other airline. However, the blue livery doesn't fit in with the carrier's branding as Italy's national airline. (I assume blue is used in Italian soccer). A plane that is only painted in red or green would not look good.

I'm not sure what to think about this livery. It's bold, but it's also strange.

ITA Airways also purchased the Alitalia brand

Yesterday, ITA Airways announced the purchase of Alitalia's brand for 90 million EUR. Many wondered if Italy's new airline would be named Alitalia. The answer is no. ITA Airways claims that it bought the Alitalia brand in order to prevent any other investors from obtaining rights to the name.

I'm not sure that this is the best way to spend $100+ million of taxpayer money. However, it's still a small amount compared with what taxpayers have spent up until now on the airline.

Bottom line

Alitalia officially ceased operations yesterday. Today, ITA Airways was founded. Despite the fact that the airline has been experiencing a slow start, it appears like the ITA Airways name will be used by the new airline. The new company paid over $100 million for the rights to Alitalia.

What do you think of ITA Airways' new livery design?