Windows 11’s new emoji isn’t as 3D as Microsoft promised

Microsoft initially promised 3D emojis for Windows 11 and other products earlier in the year. Microsoft has now switched to a flat 2D look, and the new emoji will be available in Dev Channel builds for Windows 11 this week.
This style is quite different from the 3D emoticons that Microsoft promised in July and in recent tweets by the official Windows Twitter accounts. Microsoft seems to have changed its mind about 3D in Windows 11. Brandon LeBlanc is a senior program manager for the Windows Insider group. He says that Windows 11 used the 2D versions. LeBlanc also claims that Microsoft used incorrect graphics in recent tweets.

It is not clear why Microsoft hasn't adopted its 3D designs for Windows 11 despite promises. However, it is likely that a flat 2D design works better across multiple apps. Microsoft likely chose a 2D design to provide a consistent representation of its Emojis for all Windows 11 users. 3D designs can also look different on different resolutions and screens.

The 3D style will continue to be available in Microsoft products, especially in Microsoft Teams. There are animated emojis in Microsoft Teams. Clippy is back in Windows 11. Microsoft has replaced the paperclip emoji by its Clippy counterpart. This emoji is currently being tested by Microsoft in the Dev Channel builds Windows 11 but will soon be available to all users.


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