Nintendo’s Metroid Dread has a bug: here’s how to avoid it

The company announced that Nintendo is working on a fix for a bug in Metroid Dread, which could cause a halt to your progress if you are unlucky enough. According to support pages, the bug that causes the error message is the reason why the software was closed. Nintendo claims that the patch will be available before the end the month.
Players will have to be careful not to trigger the bug until the patch is available. The bug can occur at the end of the game if a player destroys a specific door while a marker for that door is on the map. Here's what Nintendo recommends you do in the event your game crashes.

To prevent this error from happening, restart the game.

Metroid Dread, which was released last week on the 8th of October, is the first 2D Metroid title in nearly two decades. It does not include remakes such as Metroid: Samus Returns. Although it has been generally well received, Andrew Webster from The Verges notes that controls may struggle to keep up with the more chaotic action sequences.