Block Party is out of beta and ready to block anyone who likes bad tweets

Block Party, an anti-harassment tool that makes Twitter easier to use, has gone into beta. Block Party automates the tedious task of managing your Twitter feed and filtering out comments from people you don't want to see. It also allows you to block accounts that retweet, like, or otherwise make a negative tweet.
There are three tiers of Block Party's services. Block Party moderate filters can be used by Basic accounts to capture @mentions and then place them in a Lockout Folder. Premium accounts start at $12 per monthly and include more filters, block lists, helper views to allow family or friends to review troubled tweets, bulk actions that block or mutes multiple accounts from your Lockout Folder at the same time, and watchlists to track accounts after they are muted. All of these features are included in the $13 per monthly Supporter Tier. You can also try out new features before they become available.

Block Party has many benefits, but the core ideas filters and block lists can make a huge difference to anyone who uses Twitter for work or has an account that is a target for harassment. It has been careful about how it implements these features. The number of accounts on a block list is limited to 100 (you can have unlimited lists), in the hope that you can still review it for any people you may want to see on the timeline. Filters can be used to remove spam accounts (new accounts that don't have a profile picture, for instance) or to limit @mentions to people you've replied to or followed recently. Twitter has both these features, although it is limited in its flexibility. It focuses on blocking or muting specific accounts or words, and not customization or automation.

Twitter made efforts to provide more privacy and moderation tools. This includes the soft block tool that was released this week. There are also concepts to hide old tweets and limit who can see what your likes. Block Party is a great start, and it should make it easier to improve the quality of your timeline in just a few simple steps.

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