Apple Music might be coming to PS5

Since its launch in November, Spotify has been available on the PS5 as a music streaming option. This allows you to listen to your favourite music while playing video games. The console may soon be able to support Apple Music.
Reddit user, who posted an image of Apple Music in the PS5s music list, provided the first clue earlier this week. After creating a new account, the option appeared. They also tried to connect it with Spotify. The app did not work. However, a Reddit user shared a photo that showed a message saying, This app can only be played on PS4. Eurogamer states this is a standard error message when an application isn't available.

Eurogamer claimed that it could also see the Apple Music option while creating a new US account. However, it wasn't able reproduce this. When I tried to create a new US account, the Apple Music option did not appear.

The inconsistent Apple Music option may indicate that Reddit user Eurogamer might have seen something in the works by Apple and Sony. They worked together on a promotion for Apple TV Plus PS5 owners. Apple Music was brought to Samsung smart TVs by Apple last year, proving that Apple is open to expanding the app's availability beyond Apple platforms. The app will be available just days before Apple's October 18th event. This would make it a good venue for Sony and Apple to announce that the app will be coming to PS5.

Sony and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.