Spider-Man: Tom Holland Says No Way Home Concludes Trilogy

Dont panic. No Way Home, the latest Spider-Man movie from Marvel Studios, will be in theaters on December 17. It sounds like this might be our last homecoming. Entertainment Weekly interviewed Tom Holland, the star of Spidey. He said that things might be ending for his current incarnation.

Holland called the third film "a conclusion" and said that we were all treating No Way Home as the end to a franchise. If we had the chance to go back and see these characters, I believe you would be seeing a completely different version. It wouldn't be the Homecoming trilogy. We would take it slow and work on something new and tone-changing the films. It is unknown if that will happen. We were sure treating [No Way Home] as if it was ending, and it felt that way.

Holland may have called the movie an ending, but he is clearly betting on his future in Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are many opportunities for Holland to guest star in Marvel movies, including Avengers 5 and whatever next super-team movie will be. Second, Marvel Studios' multiverse focus means that there are technically infinite Tom Holland Spider-Men (there are also other Spider-Men) available to save whatever day is in need. The real secret is how much Tom Holland enjoys Spider-Man. Zendaya spoke out about her Spider-Man co-star in an interview with InStyle

He is a great actor and I can see that he loves Spider-Man. It's very pressureful to assume the role of a superhero everywhere you go. You are Spider-Man to the little boy who passes you. He handled it so well, I think. He is a perfectionist, even though he's not a Virgo, as he says.

I was able to visit the shoot every day with our director. It was amazing to see his dedication to making sure everything went smoothly. It was exhausting to watch him fight scenes all day. He would do a move, then come back to the monitors to watch it again.

You can be passionate about a character, but you may want to stop playing it. Holland, though he's 25 years old, still believes he's a high school student. He has plenty of Spidey movies in him, if he needs them. Holland said that if we were to get back into the characters, it would be a different version. The vast majority of his adventures took place afterward. This includes his time in Secret Wars, his marriage with Mary Jane, the Clone Saga and Spider-Island. The Home trilogy could be Peter as he was in high school. Future movies might show him at college or working for The Daily Bugle or whatever-have-you. There could also be movies that are more directly in Sony's Spider Cinematic Universe, or some other weird combination, which might result from the events of No Way Home.

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Don't panic. We will likely see more Tom Holland Spider-movies in the future. Miles is always there if he decides to quit. Or Ben Reilly. Or...

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