McDonald’s will serve Beyond Meat McPlant burgers in select US locations next month – TechCrunch

McDonald's will soon serve Beyond Meat McPlant Burgers at select US locations.
McDonald's announced this morning that it will start selling Beyond Meat burgers made from plant-based ingredients in selected locations after it had announced a partnership with Beyond Meat in February.

The McPlant will become available in eight fast-food giants starting November 3. It is available in Irving, Carrollton, Texas, Cedar Falls and Iowa, Jennings, Lake Charles, Louisiana, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, California, and Jennings, Iowa.

Although the deal is still in its early stages, McDonald's plans to use it as a test for Beyonds patties. These are made with plant-based ingredients such as peas and rice. Similar piloting was conducted in several international locations including the U.K./Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

McDonald's says the patty comes on a sesame-seed bun with tomato, pickles and onions. It also includes mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and a slice American cheese. The burger has the classic taste of a McDonald's burger.

McPlant will also be expanding its product line to include plant-based McPlant versions of chicken, pork, and egg.

Beyond entered into a partnership in February with Yum Brands. Yum Brands includes KFC and Pizza Hut. Competitor Impossible Foods has deals with White Castle, Starbucks, and Burger King.