United Polaris Lounge Washington Dulles Opening Soon

We were informed recently that United Airlines would soon open a Polaris Lounge in Washington Dulles. Now we know when other Polaris Lounges might open.
United Polaris Lounge IAD opens October 2021

United Airlines plans to open the new Polaris Lounge at Washington Dulles in the latter part of this month. Although no date has been set, it is my understanding that the lounge will open in the next week.

These lounges are United's top international business class lounges. They are available to Star Alliance long-haul business class passengers. They are by far the most luxurious business class lounges available by any US airline.

What can we expect from Washington Dulles' Polaris Lounge?

The lounge will have seating for 355 people, including 42 in the dining area and 13 private bathrooms. There will also be six shower suites.

The lounge will include a library, where guests can enjoy Washington DC-inspired decor and a bar area with an ocoffered ceiling. There will also be an a la carte dining space behind lattice pocket doorways.

The lounge is located at the gate C17 of United Club and will be open every day from 5:30AM to 10PM

United Airlines unveiled its Polaris Experience in 2016 with a brand new business class experience and new lounges. The airline had opened Polaris Lounges in Chicago and San Francisco before the pandemic.

The Washington lounge was the last location that was announced, but not opened. Although the lounge was almost complete at the time of the pandemic's onset, there was no reason to open it.

United Polaris Lounges feature a la carte dining

When will other Polaris Lounges be open?

United Airlines shut down all its Polaris Lounges shortly after the pandemic. This was due to the fact that international travel demand had almost collapsed. When should we expect the Polaris Lounges' reopening?

The Polaris Lounges will be opening in Chicago, Houston, Newark and Newark before the end 2021

The Polaris Lounges will be open in Los Angeles and San Francisco by the beginning of 2022

For comparison, Americans Flagship Lounges, which are similar to Polaris Lounges, have reopened as of September 2021. It is planned that all of them will reopen this fall. As the United States lifted travel restrictions on vaccinated foreigners starting in November 2021, it is expected that we will see a gradual recovery of international travel demand.

United is slightly behind American in reopening premium international lounges. United also has stricter requirements to access these lounges and there are therefore fewer eligible guests.

United Polaris Lounge Houston

Bottom line

United Airlines will soon open its new Polaris Lounge Washington Dulles. This is a great development for the airline. The airline has not yet opened the Polaris Lounge Washington Dulles in the United States. This will change before the end the month.

Washington Dulles could certainly use new lounges. This is why I consider this a great development. We can then expect Polaris Lounges to open in Chicago, Houston and Newark before the end 2021. Polaris Lounges will open in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Los Angeles by the beginning of 2022.

What do you think of the Polaris Lounge Washington Dulles and United's general Polaris Lounge Reopening Schedule?