Tinder is releasing a new ‘Plus One’ feature to help users find a wedding date – TechCrunch

Tinder announced Thursday that it is launching a new method for users to search for a plus one in the coming end-of-year season. Users will soon be able join the Plus One section of Tinder to indicate that they are looking for a date or are open to being a part of a wedding. This new feature can be found in Tinder's Explore section. It was launched last month. It allows users to search for matches based on their interests.
In a blog post, Kyle Miller, vice-president of product innovations at Tinder, stated that many of our members are searching for a Plus One to marry them.

Tinder has also partnered with WeddingWire to help single guests pay for the wedding season. This is done through a new Wedding Grant giveaway.

The first 100 Tinder users who are eligible to join Plus One today will be awarded $460 to cover costs related to upcoming weddings. This includes travel, gifts, and accommodation. WeddingWire discovered that wedding guests spend on average $460 for a reception. This is why the prize was chosen.

Tinder users are gearing up to get married, with mentions of a plus 1 in Tinder bios increasing by 45% since the start of the year. Tinder users can now search directly for a date to a marriage instead of going through irrelevant candidates.

The latest Tinder launch follows a series of new features that Tinder is constantly updating to improve its user experience and allow users to interact more with their dates. The new Explore section, which features events and new ways to find matches by interests, is an example of this. You can also have quick conversations with other users before you make a match.

Tinder partnered with Lyft to enable users to pay for their rides. This feature does not require users to exchange locations or addresses. Instead, you can send a credit to your date to book a ride.

Tinder is also focusing on safety tools, and has released many social features. In August, Tinder announced that it would make global voluntary ID verification possible. Tinder launched a feature in June that allows users to upload their contacts and block people they don't want to see.