Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya are watching you (and yes, it's a meme).

Is it possible to X-ray your sexuality with a tweet? Yes, it appears so.
Entertainment Weekly published a digital video version on Twitter of its new cover. It features Dune's stars/sharp-ass jawline shavers Zendaya, Timothe Chalamet.

The camera records the powerful stares of these Gen-Z/millennial cuspers 360 degrees in this 15 second video. It's both frightening and romantic at the same time, as they maintain a preternatural level of eye contact with each other.

Twitterverse was not surprised to see such a sexy clip. These are certainly two beautiful, hot-as-hell eyes. Is it possible to feel insecure watching Zendaya or Chalamet observe you? You are not the only one.

The verdict! The judgment!

According to some, retail is the place of most trauma. They could also consider working at Beacon’s Closet if acting does not work out.

Timmy, Zendaya. Please. Take a look!

Yes, the Stare can be scary. Its lure is undeniably attractive. MRI me, babies.

This should make us feel so fortunate.