Kyrsten Sinema is reportedly threatening to hold Biden's agenda hostage. She wants to pass the bipartisan roads-and-bridges bill now.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona. Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Inc. via Getty Images
Reuters reported that Sinema will not support a larger Democratic spending bill unless the House passes the bipartisan Infrastructure bill.

Opposition from Arizona Democrats would effectively stall party-line legislation.

Progressives have attacked Sinema because she refuses to outline what she wants in the safety net bill.

Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema threatened to derail Biden's agenda. She told a group of moderate Democrats in Congress that she won't support a multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill until Congress passes the $1 trillion infrastructure spending legislation first. Reuters reported Thursday.

Reuters cited a source briefed about the meeting in its report on Sinema's request. Sinema is a key moderate whose opposition to the reconciliation agreement has stalled Biden’s signature legislation.

Sinema has the power to stop legislation from moving forward in the split 50-50 Senate. This is because Democrats are using reconciliation to force the bill through their small majority. This allows the bill to be approved with a simple majority vote. It bypasses the 60-vote threshold and unired Republican opposition. To clear the upper chamber, Senate Democrats must work together.

President Joe Biden has made the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package a key part of his agenda. It includes priorities like affordable childcare, expanded Medicaid and Medicare, as well as expanding child tax credits. The bill is still being discussed in the House by moderates Sinema, Sen. Joe Manchin and a separate bipartisan package for infrastructure.

House progressives refused to approve the infrastructure deal without the approval of the reconciliation package. The bill was in danger of falling apart when it was forced from the House floor by a progressive rebellion last month.

Progressives attacked Sinema this week for not laying out her priorities in the safety net bill. Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont, said Tuesday that it was time for Sinema (West Virginia) and Sen. Joe Manchin (Vast), to discuss their priorities. Sinema seems determined to get it passed first.

Insider reached out to Sinema representatives but they did not immediately reply.

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