Packers' Aaron Rodgers Fails to Name All 16 Bears QBs Since 2008: 'I'm Giving Up'

Dylan Buell/Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers was named the Green Bay Packers' full-time quarterback in 2008. The Packers have been fortunate to have Rodgers as their MVP for so many years.

However, the Chicago Bears have not had so much luck. Since Rodgers became the Green Bay starter, Chicago has seen 16 quarterbacks. Justin Fields is the latest.

Rodgers and Packers are preparing to face the Bears on Saturday. The veteran said Wednesday that he could probably name the 16 Chicago QBs since 2008. He couldn't.

"Counting playoffs?" According to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Rodgers stated that he could probably come close. Jay Cutler. Kyle Orton. Rex Grossman. Mitch [Trubisky]..."

He said, "I'm giving in, I have a meeting to attend." I can't mess with the memory banks.

Demovsky points out that only seven of the 16 have gotten started against Rodgers. When they meet at Soldier Field, Fields will be the eighth.

Here is a list listing the 16 Bears quarterbacks since 2008.

Kyle Orton (2008)

Rex Grossman (2008)

Jay Cutler (2009-2015)

Todd Collins (2010)

Caleb Hanie (2011)

Josh McCown (2011 & 2013)

Jason Campbell (2012)

Jimmy Clausen (2014-15)

Matt Barkley (2016)

Brian Hoyer (2016)

Mitchell Trubisky (2017-20).

Mike Glennon (2017)

Chase Daniel (2018-19)

Nick Foles (2020)

Andy Dalton (2021).

Justin Fields (2021).

Rodgers will admit that there are a lot of names and he isn't necessarily concerned about the Bears' problems as Green Bay attempts to return to the Super Bowl for only the second time since 2010.