Ben Mee: Burnley defender to miss Manchester City game with Covid

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This season, Burnley's Ben Mee was featured seven times

Burnley defender Ben Mee tested positive for Covid-19. He will be absent Saturday's Premier League match at Manchester City.

Sean Dyche, Clarets manager, said that Mee was fine at 32 but it wasn't clear when Mee would be available again.

Dyche said that the case of the club captain is isolated and would not disclose how many members were vaccinated against coronavirus.

Dyche stated, "Everyone is free to choose what they want to decide."

"I am double vaccinated, and so is my staff. My children are double-vaccinated and my entire family is double-vaccinated.

"I would recommend it, but that's up to you. I cannot force anyone to do anything."

It was discovered that less than half of the players in most Premier League and English Football League teams were vaccinated.

Concerns have been raised about the speed at which players are being jabbed. This has led the Premier League to reconsider whether it should "reward" high-coronavirus vaccination rates.