Dozens of Self-Driving Cars Getting Stuck on Same Dead-End Street

The future is now, but it's still around the corner.
Traffic jam

This is a brand new idea. Waymo is a Google subsidiary that creates self-driving cars. However, it has encountered a problem with dozens of semi-autonomous vehicles getting stuck on the same dead end street.

15th Avenue is a quiet residential street in San Francisco's Richmond District. It is also a pivotal dead-end street. The street has become a hub for confused autonomous cars, which sometimes get stuck at the end and require human intervention to turn it around. CBS affiliate KPIX reports. This bizarre glitch, although not dangerous, shows that autonomous vehicles still have a long way to go before they are ready for primetime.

Edge Condition

Some cars may appear simultaneously on certain days. They are drawn to the dead-end street by an algorithmic reason that no one is able to identify. KPIX spoke with Jennifer King, a resident, who said that the cars have been appearing seemingly nonstop for several weeks.

King stated that there are days when it can reach 50. It happens literally every five minutes. We all work from home so we hear this.



Going in Circles

KPIX asked Waymo about the situation and Waymo seemed confused like its cars. Waymo spokespeople have not yet provided any details about the situation, including the exact location of the dead-end. Futurisms past reporting has shown that the human drivers, who are there for safety reasons, had little to say, but they weren't allowed to talk much.

King said that he spoke with drivers and they didn't have much to add other than that the car was programmed and that they were just doing their job.

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