North Korea: Squid Game Is Proof Capitalism Doesn’t Work

We aren't convinced.
Squid Game

Arirang Meari, a North Korean propaganda website, wrote Tuesday that Netflix's hit TV show Squid Game proved that South Korean-style capitalism does not work.

According to Reuters, a short article on the site reads: "It makes people realize that South Korean society is beastly."

This hit TV show pits indebted contestants against one another in violent and sometimes deadly childhood games. It has been a huge success. It is still fictional, and although it criticizes some aspects of capitalism the main themes allow for plenty of interpretation.


According to Reuters North Koreans could be sentenced to a 15-year term for watching South Korean media. This makes propaganda websites comments somewhat ironic considering the predicament of the contestants.



Many people fled the totalitarian regime in search of better lives. There has been widespread food insecurity and poverty.

However, the website also makes a point that Squid Game can be easily interpreted as exposing dangerous consequences of living in a society dominated by wealth and/or debt.

This is South Korea's current society, where there are many losers in fierce competitions such as stock and employment. Gizmodo translated another portion of the post. This show shows the realities of living in a world that judges people only by their wealth.

Why punish people who want to see Squid Game in North Korea, then? It would make great anti-capitalist propaganda in many ways.




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