Trump to give deposition in lawsuit brought by protesters who claim his security guards assaulted them

Trump Tower, Manhattan, former President of the United States. May 18, 2021.
For a lawsuit brought by protestors, who claim they were "violently assaulted" by Trump's security guards in September 2015 on the sidewalk near Trump Tower, former President Donald Trump will be deposed in New York City next week.

Trump's Monday morning videotaped deposition will be recorded at Trump Tower, located at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan's Midtown Section.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs will question him there in connection to the civil complaint that is currently pending at Bronx Supreme Court.

Benjamin Dictor, a lawyer representing the plaintiffs, stated that "This case concerns Donald Trump's security personnel assaulting peaceful demonstrators at a public sidewalk."

After years of defendants' distorting attempts to shield Donald Trump from examination, we will take his trial testimony under oath on Monday. We look forward to showing the video of Mr. Trump’s testimony to a jury during his trial.