Matthew Mindler's Suicide Caused By Sodium Nitrate OD, Mom Speaks Out

Matthew Mindler committed suicide using an easily available substance he purchased online. His mother is concerned about the dangers of this compound.
TMZ was told by the Lancaster County Medical Examiner's Office that sodium nitrate toxicity was the cause of death for the former child star. According to the M.E. the OD was deliberate and his suicide was ruled as such.

You may not be familiar with sodium nitrate, an oxidizing agent that is often used to preserve food, such as meat. It causes hypotension and can limit the flow of oxygen within the body. This can lead to death.

Although sodium nitrate fatalities are not uncommon, Matt's was a rare accident. Monica, his mom, says that she found a disturbing trail Matthew left behind.

Monica says she checked Matt's Internet search history and found that he was searching for information about suicide and how to get it.

We are told that she didn't know he was exploring this area before his body was found by school officials in Pennsylvania. But, more importantly, she wants to share this cautionary tale with others.

Monica hopes that someone's life will be saved by knowing what warning signs to watch out for. Matthew appears to have purchased this product on Amazon fairly easily at $15. Monica claims it was enough to kill four people.