Keeping our data safe is much more important than pointing fingers at the other guy

Source: Apoorva Bhardwaj/ Android Central
Apple claims some of the statements here are true. Some of it is just plain stupid. Google's Play Protect can help to mitigate a lot of it. It scans all apps on your phone, from any source. However, that's not the most important thing. It is not important that Apple tells us how to make it better. It is telling us that we cannot be protected by allowing a practice many iOS users would like to have. This is a frustrating position. While I can understand the fact that different departments work on different projects at Apple and Google, hearing one team tell me that the other team cannot find a solution is a big lie that I don't accept. Yes, Google does this too, even though it isn't so obvious and obvious. This sideloading argument can be summarized in three words: Sideloading can work for users if they pay attention to what they are doing. If you don’t feel like paying attention, then the best thing to do is use the app store on your phone. Sideloading can be a problem for both Apple and Google's bank accounts. Sideloading was not part of Android's design and there are many services available to address security concerns. iOS was not. Sideloading iOS on iOS is something I cannot fix and Apple can also not fix it. When it came to downloading apps for your smartphone, I would have advised you to stick with Google Play. Google has made a lot to resolve the issues that can occur when sideloading an app with malicious code is done. Today, this issue is not a problem unless you download apps from a shady site that deals in piratery.