Best security cameras that work with Amazon Alexa 2021

The best security cameras that work with Amazon Alexa Android Central 2020
Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras are a great way to monitor your home from afar. An Alexa-compatible camera will make it easier to watch over your home. You can monitor your pets' activities while you are at work and quickly inform your child that they should be studying, not playing video games. These cameras allow you to ask Alexa to show what's happening at any given moment. You can also connect your cameras with smart light bulbs and Alexa routines for further home automation.

The cream of the crop

The best Alexa devices combine great features with ease-of use and convenience. The Wyze Cam V3 is a great Alexa-compatible camera. It's an affordable way to get started on your smart security journey and offers excellent value for money. This smart security camera is perfect for those who don't want frills, but still need core functionality with Alexa.

You can get the Ring Spotlight Cam by signing up for monitoring if you want to see more of your camera. Ring Protect plans are affordable and include other great features like Ring Neighborhoods which will send you safety and crime alerts from Ring users around the area.