Best Sonos speakers 2021

Best Sonos speakers Android Central 2021
The rise of Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart speakers has seen a revival in home speakers over the past few years. People are more interested in a smart speaker than a dumb speaker, which has led to a shift in the home-audio market. Since 2002, Sonos has made great speakers and recently, it has adapted to the changing market. Sonos One is its most popular product, and it's now more popular than ever. Here are the top gadgets of the company, including the One.

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The Sonos One is a great Sonos speaker with a large portfolio. The Gen-2 model was quietly launched in March 2019. While it is essentially the same as the Gen 1 model, it has a faster processor and better Wi Fi performance. The Sonos One is our favorite Sonos speaker because of many reasons. It is compact and can be placed in almost any room. The sound quality is amazing, despite its small size. The audio is clear, rich, and far better than the Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker. The Sonos One can talk to Alexa and Google Assistant with its array of far-field microphones. Although you can only have one assistant running at once, the ability to switch between them is amazing. Sonos One also supports AirPlay 2 if you are a member of the Apple ecosystem. You also get all the usual Sonos perks. You can pair up two Ones for stereo sound, control the Sonos One through the Sonos mobile app and connect the One to other Sonos speakers in your home to play simultaneous music across them all. Con: Small size

High quality sound quality

Uses Google Assistant and Alexa

AirPlay 2 Support

Pros: One of the cheaper Sonos speakers

Google Assistant isn't as effective than a Google Home.

The Sonos One is the best overall Sonos - One (Gen2) Smart Speaker. It is compact and has a great sound. Best Buy: $220

Best value: Sonos One SL

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The Sonos One SL is for you if you like the Sonos One, but aren't interested in using it to communicate with virtual assistants. The Sonos One SL is the same speaker, with the same sound quality and pairing capabilities with two One SLs to create stereo sound. It can also be controlled with the Sonos app and can be used with other Sonos speakers. It can't interact with Alexa or Google Assistant. AirPlay 2 is still available on the One SL. The Sonos One is worth the extra cost. Alexa and Assistant are great additions. However, if you don't want that extra functionality, the SL might be a better choice. The Sonos One's great sound is still there.

Fits in almost any room

For stereo sound, pair two SL's together

Sonos is the cheapest speaker

AirPlay 2 compatible Cons

Best Value Sonos - One SL Wireless smart speaker. An exceptional value. The Sonos One SL is identical to the regular One but without the microphones for Alexa and Google Assistant. Best Buy $200

Sonos Move is the best wireless speaker

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Sonos' first wireless speaker, the Sonos Move, was finally released earlier this year after years and years of patiently waiting. It's the most versatile speaker Sonos has to offer, and it will set you back a lot, but it's an amazing product. The Move has a deeper bass and a stronger amplifier, which makes it sound better than the Sonos One. This allows for better audio quality. The Sonos Five is the best speaker Sonos has to offer, but the Move is a great mid-range option. The Move also has microphones that allow you to speak to Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as AirPlay 2 support. The Sonos Move can be used as a stationary speaker, but its real appeal lies in the fact that it can be taken with you anywhere you like. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport the Move. The Move's battery life is astonishingly long. It also has an IP56 rating that protects it from extreme heat/cold, rain, snow, dust and salt spray. Although the Move is heavy and may be too costly for some buyers, it will be a great choice for anyone who has ever wanted to take a Sonos speaker outside of their home. The Move has a powerful, deep sound.

It can be taken anywhere

Battery life is long-lasting

Resistant to water and other elements

Supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

Too costly for some

The best wireless speaker Sonos – Move Smart Portable Wi Fi and Bluetooth Speaker. It can be taken anywhere. The audio, battery, design, and sound quality are all excellent. Best Buy: $400

Best portable speaker: Sonos Roam

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Sonos was looking for a portable speaker that could be used in an outdoor setting, similar to the small Bluetooth models. The Sonos Roam was finally released and proved that Sonos could handle this level of portability. The Roam adds an extra layer of convenience to the Sonos speaker, as it can be used almost anywhere. The speaker can play any music you like, wherever you are. You can also roam away and the Bluetooth connection will keep your Bluetooth connected so that you can listen anywhere you are. Its rugged design makes it easy to transport it to any park, beach, campground, or other location without worrying. The Roam is smaller than the Move. It's almost like carrying a water bottle with audio. It can be carried in a bag and used as a portable speaker. You can use it as a smart speaker with AirPlay 2 and support for Alexa and Google Assistant. Although the battery life is a bit short for something so small, it's still a great speaker. The pros: A great sound quality for its size

Smooth transition from Wi Fi to Bluetooth

Built tough and well-built

Wireless charging pros and cons

Bluetooth speakers have a poor battery life

Best portable speaker Sonos Roam Smart Portable Wi Fi and Bluetooth Speaker Take it anywhere The Roam places Sonos out there more than any other speaker with its logo, and it's only right. Best Buy - $180

Best soundbar: Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

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Sonos is committed to making your TV experience better with a soundbar. The Beam (Gen 2) has been designed to improve the size and output of the soundbar. Although it is similar in many respects to the original Sonos Beam in some key aspects, it does differ in others. It is the same size as the original Sonos Beam, so it's not too heavy or bulky. There is now no fabric at the front of the speakers. Now it's made entirely of perforated plastic. It's so small that it takes up very little space, making it an ideal choice for those with limited TV stands. The Beam (Gen 2) is easy to set up. Simply plug in the power cord, connect the soundbar with your TV using the HDMI cable provided. That's it! Sonos did not change the speakers to give you the same sound quality. You can crank up the volume without noticing any distortion and all music, movies and other media will sound great. This Beam supports Dolby Atmos unlike the previous Beam. It's recommended to connect it directly to your TV's HDMI 2.1 port. You can also eliminate audio/video sync problems if your TV has an HDMI port. It is a shame that none of the speakers are able to point up so they can bounce sound off the ceiling, which will give you more Atmos-like effects. You get lots of support. It can be used with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's AirPlay 2. To create an immersive surround sound system, you can pair the Beam and Sonos Ones, Fives or the company's Sonos Sub Subwoofer. The Beam doesn't take up much space

It's ridiculously simple to set up

Dolby Atmos sound with great bass

Support for Alexa and Google Assistant

For surround sound, can be used in conjunction with other Sonos speakers

Beam Cons are more sleepy than the previous Beam Cons.

No speakers point upwards

Sonos Beam (Gen2) - Best Soundbar Sonos Beam (Gen2) Big sound, small size. The Sonos Beam is one of the most popular soundbars due to its compact size and easy setup. Sonos - $450

Best Buy: $450

Sonos Five: Best sound quality

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Although Sonos speakers are not cheap, you can treat yourself to something special with the Sonos Five. This update to the Play:5 is a great upgrade. It maintains the excellent audio quality and has upgraded the internals to keep it updated for many years. Three custom-designed subwoofers are included with the Five, giving it deep bass and a lot of power. You won't have to endure annoying echoes and reverb on this package. You get outstanding audio regardless of what music you listen to. You can even pair two Sonos Fives together to create a truly amazing stereo sound. You can also use the AirPlay 2, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa features. There is also a 3.5mm jack for headphones that lets you plug in a turntable, phone, or other device. Pros: Rich, booming sound

Stereo pairing supported

Google Assistant, Alexa and AirPlay 2

Turntable/phone 3.5mm jack

Cons of clean design: Expensive and large

The Sonos Five Wireless Smart Speakers offer the best sound quality. If you are a big believer in sound quality, then the Sonos Five is for you. The Sonos Five is also sleek in design and has many smart features. Sonos: $549

Best Buy: $550

Sonos Arc is the best for home theaters

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The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) soundbar/TV speaker is best for most people. However, the Arc is Sonos’s most powerful product to enhance your home theater setup. Although it is bulky and heavy, the Arc's sheer power is undisputed. The Arc will have 11 drivers, which is an improvement on the five that were in the Beam. This improves the sound quality of your TV shows and movies. Dolby Atmos is also included in the Sonos Arc, creating a unique 3D listening experience unlike any other. The Sonos Arc offers superior audio quality and voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa. It also supports Apple's AirPlay 2. It is easy to set up and expand the Arc with additional gear such as the Sub or One SL to create a surround sound system. The pros: Unmatched room-filling sound

Dolby Atmos Support

Google Assistant and Alexa voice control

Installation is easy

Dust magnet

Sonos - Arc Soundbar and Dolby Atmos home theater champion The Sonos Arc is the best home theater system. The Arc is a true gem, with its stunning sound and sleek design. Sonos: $900

Best Buy: $900

Sonos Port is the best for older speakers

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Sonos speakers are unique for two reasons. Sonos makes great speakers and seamless pairing and playback across multiple Sonos devices is a huge advantage. The Sonos Port can be used to connect any pair of stereo speakers that you don't already own. You can connect your old hardware to the Port. Once everything is set up, your speakers will become part of the Sonos ecosystem via the Port's interface. You can connect your CD player, record player or other audio source to the line-in ports. The line-out ports are for amplified audio equipment. The Port also includes controls for bass and treble, AirPlay 2, as well as seamless management through the Sonos App. Pros: Brings old speakers into your Sonos ecosystem

Ports for line-in and out

You can customize the bass and treble

AirPlay 2

Pros: Compact size

It's a little pricey

Best for older speakers Sonos – Port Streaming Media Player Upgrade existing gear The Sonos Port allows you to seamlessly integrate your non-smart speakers with your expanding Sonos ecosystem. Sonos - $449


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