A Singaporean man was given the death penalty after he was found with 2 pounds of cannabis on him

A sample of cannabis. AP Photo/Steven Senne, File
After he was found with two kilos of cannabis, a man was sentenced in Singapore to death by hanging.

Omar Yacob Bamadhaj was found guilty of importing at least two kilos of cannabis into the country.

His lawyers stated that there was no doubt about whether he knew he brought the drugs into Singapore.

After authorities discovered that he had two pounds of marijuana, a man in Singapore was sentenced to death.

Omar Yacob Bamadhaj (41), was sentenced first to death in February. His appeal was overturned Tuesday by a court, Channel News Asia reported.

According to the outlet, he was sentenced by hanging.

According to the report, he was convicted of bringing at most two pounds of cannabis into Singapore in 2018. He was found with the marijuana wrapped in foil and newspaper in his car's trunk while his father was driving.

His lawyers suggested that there was some doubt about whether he knew he brought the drugs into the state. According to Channel News Asia, Bamadhaj claimed that he did not know what was in his trunk and that it had been placed there by others without his knowledge.

The report stated that he said that he was convinced by his friends to bring the drug into Singapore. He also said that he didn’t want to do the thing but needed the money.

Channel News Asia reported that he also claimed that drug enforcement officers "coerced him" into admitting to the crime. He said that an officer threatened to hang his father and him if he didn't confess, Channel News Asia reported.

In Singapore, cannabis possession, consumption, import and export are all illegal.

Singapore is well-known for its strict law enforcement. Human rights groups have long criticized Singapore's use death penalty.

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