Top-50 prospect Jett Howard commits to play for dad Juwan Howard with Michigan Wolverines

Jett Howard will play for his dad, and announced Wednesday that he was committing to Juwan Howard's Michigan Wolverines.
Howard was fondly aware of Michigan as the preferred choice for Howard's recruiting, but the top-50 prospects also visited NC State and Tennessee.

It was very difficult. Howard said that it was more difficult than most people believe. "I went to visits and loved the coaches and places. I wasn't sure as of a few days back. As they visited, my aunt and mom played an important role. They were able to put things in perspective."

Howard claimed that his aunt and mother Jenine and Howard didn't try convincing him to go to Michigan.

He said that they should do what is best for them. They never lean either way. They were impressed by all the coaches and programs. "I was impressed, too."

Jett Howard, a 6-foot-7 forward at IMG Academy, is ranked No. 41 in the ESPN 100 for 2022. Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Juwan Howard wanted to see his son go through the recruiting process as any other highly-rated prospect.

"My mom used to tell me that my dad had told me the same things he had told me. He assured me of his belief in me as a player. He will help me succeed," Jett Howard stated. My dad's words that caught my attention were, "We need you since day one. Your game is my specialty. Even if you weren't my son, you would still be a good candidate for me to recruit you. He is the one I trust most. He has been a mentor to me all my life. These opportunities are rare."

Howard made his final college decision on a recent car ride with his mom.

"We had many little conversations. We did not have any family sit-downs. He said that my mom was driving me to the airport and that I had just come out to say, "I am going to Michigan and will play for your husband." "I called my dad and told them. He started screaming 'Let's do it! You would have been a great supporter. We appreciate your belief in our staff and are grateful for it. Although it sounds like a coach, I knew it was my father."

Howard, a 6-foot-7 forward playing at IMG Academy Florida (Florida), is ranked No. 42 in the ESPN 100 for 2022. Howard averaged 11.8 point, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.9 assists in 12 games played with Nightrydas Elite under the Nike EYBL program.

Howard is a skilled shooter with a wide range of shot mechanics and excellent preparation. Howard has gained a few inches which allows him to see more clearly and makes it harder for defenders not to interfere with his shot. His jumper sets up his drive and his step back jumper is one his best shots. His production is enhanced by his scoring confidence. Howard's shot-making ability often gets overlooked. This is because of his playmaking skills. When he is looking for teammates, he has the vision to see all of the court.

He must continue to build his frame and improve his ball handling, especially when he is under pressure or driving left.

Howard joins fellow ESPN 100 prospect Dug McDaniel and Tarris Reed as Michigan's third commit in 2022. The No. In 2021, the Wolverines will be the No.