Aaron Rodgers runs out of time when trying to recall all of the Bears QBs since 2008

Justin Fields, a rookie quarterback, looks ahead to Week 6's matchup with Aaron Rodgers and The Packers. (0:35).
GREEN BAY (Wis.) -- Aaron Rodgers claimed he could name 16 of the Chicago Bears' starting quarterbacks since 2008 when he became the Green Bay Packers' starting quarterback. But he must have realized how much it would take.

"Counting playoffs?" Rodgers answered the trivia question at his Wednesday press conference, "Yes, I could probably come close." Jay Cutler. Kyle Orton. Rex Grossman. Mitch [Trubisky]..."

Then he quit.

Rodgers stated, "I'm giving in, I have a meeting to attend." "Can't wrack my memory banks."

To be fair, seven of the 16 had started against Rodgers.

Justin Fields, the Bears rookie quarterback, will be the eighth starting quarterback against the Packers at Soldier Field. He will also be the 20th starting quarterback that the Bears have used against Packers since 1992 when Brett Favre became the Packers starter. In the same time, only three quarterbacks have been used by the Packers against the Bears: Brett Favre (Aaron Rodgers), Brett Hundley (Brett Hundley).

Since 2008, only one NFL team has had more quarterbacks (including playoffs) than the Bears' 16. The Bears have had 21 different quarterbacks start by the Browns while the Broncos have had 16.

Even if Rodgers tries to force his way out of Green Bay, don't expect him to change sides in this rivalry.

He spoke for a long time about Chicago and said, "I've always loved the city, enjoyed its fans even though I haven't." I get it. Perhaps there will be more love for me when I'm done playing here. He said that he has a lot respect for the city and its sports.

He quickly replied, "No," Rodgers quickly replied, "It's just going to not happen."

It's safe to say that Rodgers will not be joining the long list Bears starting quarterbacks anytime soon.

Sunday's meeting will be the 203rd between the Packers and Bears. The Bears have a series lead 101-95-6. Six wins is the biggest advantage that the Packers have ever held in the series, after never having a series lead between 1933 and 2016.


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