The FDA Just Officially Endorsed Vaping

Image by Thomas Bjornstad/Unsplash/Futurism Developments
Vaping is now supported by the FDA, the federal agency that regulates medical devices and pharmaceuticals to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

On Tuesday, the FDA announced that Vuse would be allowed to market three products. The Vuse Solo Power Unit e-cigarette and two types of replacement vape juice pods were the first. Gizmodo reports that this is the FDA's first official approval of vaping products. It also marks its first major decision regarding the industry since 2020, when it banned flavored vapes.

It seems like the agency is reverting to yesteryear, when doctors prescribed cigarettes to soothe sore throats. The agency claims it is keeping questionable products off of the market by having final say on which vape companies can sell their products.

The agency claims that Vuse collected enough data to prove that vaping is a safer option for smokers who want to quit smoking and that the benefits of vaping outweigh the risks.



The FDA Center for Tobacco Products director Mitch Zeller stated that today's authorizations are an important step towards ensuring all new tobacco products go through rigorous, scientific premarket testing. According to the manufacturer's data, these tobacco-flavored products can be used to benefit adult smokers who are addicted and want to quit smoking.

But not all agree. According to Gizmodo Vuse is the second most favored vape brand among high school students. The American Lung Association also criticized the FDA's approval of vapes with a high nicotine content.

According to an American Lung Association statement, the youth harm caused by these products shows that they do not meet the Tobacco Control Acts public safety standard. The only way to end the youth vaping epidemic is to completely eliminate high-nicotine products such as Vuse from the marketplace and stop all flavored ecigarettes products including menthol.

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