Even the Goddamn Star Wars Hotel Is Getting a Comic

Star Wars: The Theme Park: The Comic Book is now available as Star Wars: The Theme Park: The Hotel: The Comic Book!


Marvel Comics is releasing a comic series about the Galactic Starcruiser, a Star Wars cosplay experience that costs astronomical amounts. It will be located in the Star Wars: Galaxys Edge area of Walt Disney World, Florida. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser: Halcyon Legacy is the title of the comic. It will cover the rich history and development of the Halcyon. It has a long history.

You can see Burryaga, the Wookiee Jedi, on the comics cover. If you're thinking Hey, I thought Burryaga was part of The High Republic series that takes place hundreds of decades before the original Star Wars trilogy. Then, you might be wondering, Wait, isn't the Galaxys Edge park supposed ot be set between The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker then you are correct. The Halcyon appears to be an old starcruiser. This is odd considering how often and consistently starships were updated in the Skywalker saga. The canon does mention that there was a Jedi training vessel called the Crucible, which was used to ferry Younglings around. According to comics' official synopsis, the Halcyon has seen some action.


The legendary HALCYON sets sail on a historiccruise to confront THE FIRST ORDER.

What secret of THE HIGH REPUBLIC ERA is there that can benefit the crew and passengers all these years later, however?

How did JEDI NIBS, BURRY stop a NIHIL attack against one of the first voyages of the ship?

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I think the Halcyon is a near-derelict deathtrap that's one errant laser away exploding into the vacuum of space. This makes the price tag absurd.

Ethan Sacks wrote the miniseries Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser: Halcyon Legacy, with Will Sliney drawing the art. The hotel will also be available next year.


[Via StarWars.com]

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