Top Chinese prospect Fanbo Zeng signs with G League Ignite, eyes 2022 NBA draft

Fanbo Zeng was previously the No. Fanbo Zeng, a former No. 33 prospect in the ESPN Class of 2022, informed ESPN on Wednesday that he had signed with the NBA's G League Ignite Program and will be declaring for the 2022 NBA Draft.
Zeng stated that this is the fastest and most efficient way to become a professional and get better each day. "This was the best decision that I made while in China. The NCAA is not bad, but the G League is for me the best.

Zeng played high school basketball for three years in Oregon and Florida. He returned to China during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zeng initially committed to Gonzaga over scholarship opportunities from Florida State, Virginia Tech, and other universities before deciding to go professional. Zeng claims that he has gained 2 inches over the past 18 months, and is now 6-foot-11 and 198 pounds.

Zeng, despite being a high school senior in the United States at the time, has already completed his coursework to graduate highschool, agent Jiacheng Roman Liu said to ESPN. This makes him eligible for the 2022 draft which he intends to take part in.

Zeng arrived in Walnut Creek last week at the G League Ignite training facility. He will soon be available for live action.

Zeng is one the most promising prospects from China. He has been praised for his 3-point shooting and high-flying finishing skills. As a sophomore at Windermere High School in Orlando, Florida, Zeng averaged 15.5 point, 7.2 rebound, 2.6 blocks, and 2.1 assists per match. He shot 47% from 3-point range, and established himself as a potential five star recruit.

Zeng, who arrived in Oregon at the age of 14, says that he will be able to make an easier transition to Ignite after having spent most of his high school years in the U.S.

He said, "That was the turning point for me -- learning to play with other athletes." "In high school I was a defender for everyone, guards, forwards, and even large men. Because I am open to taking shots, finding teammates and making good decisions with the ball, I can fit into any team. I have jumped 2 inches and improved my rebounding and defense.

ESPN has learned that NBA scouts can begin Thursday to evaluate practices for G League Ignite, according to a team official. Four players are currently ranked in Ignite's ESPN 100: Jaden Harty (No. 3), Dyson Dan Daniels (No. 15), Michael Foster (No. 15), Michael Foster (No. 53). Zeng is not included in this figure, as he was not considered a candidate for the upcoming draft class.

Scoot Henderson (17 years old) is another Ignite prospect. He will be the team's top American prospect for the 2023 NBA draft class. The team announced a 25-game schedule that included exhibition games against G League teams as well as participation in the G League Showcase Cup.

Zeng claims that the G League Ignite was closely watched in China last year, even without the presence or participation of a local player. This feature will undoubtedly increase the attention the NBA's relatively young program gets in one of the largest media markets on the globe.

Zeng stated that Ignite was a popular topic in China. They love it. We were able watch all of the G League games replays and matches. Ignite helped Jonathan Kuminga and Jalen Green become pro athletes.

In the past 15 years, only two Chinese players were drafted. Zhou Qi was the last to step foot on the NBA floor in 2018. According to league officials, increasing the visibility of the NBA China is a priority.

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