Patrick Mahomes won't point to Kansas City Chiefs' defense to explain his turnover troubles

KANSAS CITY MO. Patrick Mahomes claims his recent spate of turnovers are not due to Chiefs' defensive issues or an increased urgency for scoring every time he is given the ball.
Mahomes stated Wednesday that "Not at all," as the Chiefs prepared for Sunday's Washington game. "We aim to score every time we touch the ball. This has been the norm for my entire career, and it was the precedent before I started.

"That's how I think about every game. When we have the chance to have success, we must capitalize on it. It doesn't have anything to do with what is going on in the other half of the field. It's our job as an offensive team member.

The Chiefs allow 32.6 points per match, which is the lowest defense score in the NFL. Mahomes has committed six turnovers over the Chiefs' last three games. His six interceptions this season match his 2020 total.

Andy Reid, Coach of the Chiefs, suggested earlier this week that Mahomes was trying too hard because they allow so many points to Mahomes.

Reid stated, "Pat is wired like a linebacker." He thinks like that. He is determined to chase you down every snap and maximize every play. ... Sometimes, you can put so much effort into something that you would never normally do. He knows that touchdowns are important right now and will do his best to achieve that goal. There's a time when you have to take a step back and accept what is given.

After Sunday's defeat to the Buffalo Bills, Mahomes stated that he would review the way he conducts his business in order to reduce turnovers. He said Wednesday that he would continue "tinkering with things" in search of the right answer.

"You don’t want to lose your self." Mahomes stated that it is not a good idea to lose the things you have done so well for so many years. But I have to be firm with the basics and keep my pocket tight. You can see me getting a little more off every year. It's important to get back to basics, so I can master those skills. Then I believe everything else will follow."