Instagram adds scheduling and ‘practice mode’ features for Live creators – TechCrunch

Instagram has announced that it will launch a few new tools to address the needs of Live creators. Creators can now create buzz about their Live events by scheduling them up to 90 days ahead of time, and then sharing the news on Instagram to notify their followers. It is also working on a feature called Practice Mode that allows creators to join guests before the event, to test their connection, lighting, and to manage any pre-show preparations.
Instagram revealed that this is a feature creators have requested for a while.

The ability to schedule Instagram Live videos gives Instagram a better position with other live platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram parent, Facebook.

YouTube has long offered tools that enable creators to schedule livestreams ahead of time in order to start promotional efforts. In 2018, YouTube expanded its capabilities by allowing creators to release pre-recorded videos via a Premieres feature. This allows them similar functionality as Super Chat. It also added a preshow option last year.

For many years Facebook Live also provided tools for creators, including for marketing, scheduling and pre-broadcast lobbies.

TikTok has also released a new set of creator tools this year, which includes the ability to schedule TikTok Live videos. This is a sign that TikTok continues to embrace live video.

Instagram's new Live Scheduling feature is now available to creators worldwide. They can then schedule their Live video and share it directly to their followers via their Stories or Feed posts.

The tools allow followers to set reminders so that they don't miss Live videos from their favourite creators.

This launch comes as live content market is booming. TikTok is Instagram's largest rival in the area of live content, and has been working hard to make its live content a bigger part of the overall user experience. Users are able to randomly find live videos in their TikTok feeds. Additionally, there is a new way for users to browse live videos by category via an Explore button located within the live section.

Instagram has been reworking its video strategy over the past few days. It announced this month that it would no longer be associated with IGTV and will instead merge long-form video with Feed videos. It also rebranded the IGTV App, which will be the home of all Instagram videos except Reels.

Reels however continues to be a central part of the main Instagram app. It is accessible from the center button and users profiles, Explore, as well as Discover. Weve also confirmed that Reels can be found on hashtag pages.

Global users can now access Live Scheduling starting today. The company states that Practice Mode will soon be available.