Free Interrail passes are once again up for grabs for young Europeans

What number should you dial when traveling within the European Union? This is just one question applicants must answer to be eligible for one of the 60,000 rail passes that are available to EU citizens under 25 years old.
The EU announced in February that it would relaunch its DiscoverEU program in 2021. This will give thousands of Interrail passes free to teens across Europe. You have the chance to get a free pass. Now is the best time to apply.

The initiative is normally only available to 18-year olds. However, the pandemic in 2020 has forced the expansion of eligibility requirements. This year applicants will need to provide an ID number or passport number. They must also be EU nationalsa designation which includes UK citizens. A multiple-choice quiz must be completed on EU-related questions. What percentage of the EU's total land area does it cover? The EU shares links to help you find the answers, even though you might not be able to answer the questions.

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DiscoverEU's Interrail Passes grant winners up to 30 Days of Free Travel Arne JW Kolstoe/Shutterstock

The nationality of the winners is determined by the country's population relative to the total population of the European Union. At least 60,000 passes are available for grabs. To give you an idea of the competition, more than 347 000 people applied between 2018 and 2019. Both solo travelers and groups are encouraged to apply. However, applicants must be able to travel between March 2022-2023.

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You can use the passes for as long as you like, up to 30 days. There are options for flexible and fixed travel. Are you interested in country-hopping? This flexible option is available on all trains within the EU and allows riders to adjust at will, even before they start their journey. You might want to explore a particular country or two. Although the fixed option is the best, it has a limit of 258 USD per itinerary.