How to Play Every Game From Squid Game (and Not Die)

2. 2. A places ddakji in the ground
3. B tries to flip it by pushing their ddakji into it.

4. 4.

The winner is the one who flips over the opponents ddakji the first.

Pro-tip: Yohan Yan, 29, claims that ddakji briefly returned in popularity when he turned five years old. He also claims to have been a master ddakji-player in his Dong-ducheon neighborhood. He suggests that you should analyze the ddakji to find its weak points. He insists that a flatter ddakji will be more likely to flip over if it hits its corners. A thicker ddakji moves along with your ddakji's motion so you must hit it flat on the center.

Game #1: Mugunghwa Kochi Pieotseumnida ("The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed")

As seen in the series: A creepy, huge doll with motion-sensor eyes leads the first official Squid Game game. The players line up against the doll at one end of the playground. They can only move when the doll turns away and chants "mugunghwa Kochi pieotseumnida". Players who don't make it to the finish line within the time limit of 10 minutes are killed.

Preparation: This game requires no preparation. However, hardcore Squid Game enthusiasts can order costumes online from third-party sellers.

How to play: Netflix changed the title to Red Light, Green Light. This is because the rules are very similar. Both games allow unlimited players. Here's how you can play Korean.

1. To find out who is it, play rock, paper, or scissor.

2. 2.The player who has it stands at one side of the room, while the rest of players stand at the opposite end.

3. The player facing the wall or tree opposite the players chants the 10-syllable phrase. The players can then move.

4. After the it player has finished chanting, they will turn their backs and choose any other players they see.

5. 5. Players who have been selected must be tied to the it player using pinkies or holding hands.

6. A. A. Some versions allow all players to be freed while others only allow the handholds to be manually broken. Those who are free from the chain can go.

6. B. B.

It tags you, and you become the new one. Similar to tag, the goal is not to become the new it.

You can play this game in more complicated ways. If the it player shouts a different chant, a new move must be made. Here's an example.


Pro-tip: Claudia Lee (33), remembers being a good player of this game as a child. She believes coordination and prudence will be key to winning. She says that the closer you are to it, you need to be more cautious because your movements will be visible more clearly. You can trip up other players if you get too close to it. TikToker @mykoreandic demonstrates how.