Netflix finally shared how many people have watched 'Squid Game' and yep, it's a record

This show, which has dominated the Internet in many ways, has been awarded an official title: Netflix's largest series launch to date.
According to a tweet by the streamer's account, Squid Game, the Korean dystopian survival thriller, has been viewed over 111 million times since its September 17th release. It also holds the No.1 spot in Netflix's 94 international countries.

The drama has reclaimed the title previously held by Bridgerton's lascivious period drama Bridgerton. Bridgerton had 82 million viewers in its first month of release.

Minyoung Kim (Vice President Content for Netflix Asia Pacific) said that Squid Game is now "through beyond our wildest expectations".

Squid Games has reached 111 million viewers, making it our largest series launch ever! Netflix (@netflix) October 12, 2021

However, Netflix's numbers come with some restrictions. These stats are derived from Netflix and have not been verified by outside sources. It is important to note that Netflix counts viewers as anyone who has watched at least two minutes of a movie or show.

Despite the uncertain numbers, Squid Game is now number one on the streaming site. It's hard to deny the show's popularity: it's a pop-culture phenomenon that launched memes, trends and discussions around the world.

Mashable reached out to Netflix for clarification on the definition of "fans" and will update this article if it is received back.