Elon Musk is putting up his Bay Area mansion up for sale again — it's now 15% cheaper at $32 million

Elon Musk has put his Bay Area home up for sale at $32 million, 15% less than the last listing price.
This revision comes days after Musk announced that Tesla would be moving its headquarters from California into Texas.

According to the billionaire, he plans to sell "almost all of his physical possessions" and "own none of his houses."

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Elon Musk has just reduced the cost of his Bay Area home by 15%, making it now less than $32 million.

The latest price reduction comes just one month after the house was removed from the market. It had been last listed for $37.5million.

This new price is nearly twice the original per square foot. According to Bay Area market report, the per square foot price of similar houses in the same area is $2,000

This price reduction follows Musk's announcement, that Tesla will move its headquarters from San Francisco Bay Area to Texas.

Musk moved to Texas in the last year. He tweeted in July that he was now living in Austin in a prefab house worth $50,000.

Zillow listing for 891 Crystal Springs Road, Hillsborough, California. Zillow

Musk appears to have sold his Bay Area home as part of his plan to sell "almost every physical possession" and "own none of the houses."

Musk stated earlier this year that he had sold six of seven properties and was now renting the Bay Area manse to host events.

The listing states that the sprawling mansion of 16,000 sq feet located on 47 acres in Hillsborough in California was built in 1916. It includes 10 bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a library and a music room. There is also a pool.

Musk purchased the property in 2017 for more than $23 million